iMRC Consultation

iMRC Consultation

Welcome to the iMRC Consultation

The Data Council’s consultation on the proposed changes to the Market Reform Contract (iMRC) closed on 16 September. A total of 66 organisations provided feedback (which is over 80% of organisations that nominated a point of contact).  2,577 comments were received and are now being reviewed, with good representation from brokers, (re)insurers, associations, service vendors and others.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to review the proposed changes.

Key Dates (Check back for additional events)
19-Jul - IUA briefing. Recording of the briefing is available here.
19 Jul
- LMA briefing. Recording of the briefing is available here.
 - LIIBA briefing. Recording of the briefing is available here.
 - Nominate point of contact
16-Sep - Consultation closes - please provide your feedback as early as possible

Watch this video to hear from the London Market Group’s Data Council Chair Sheila Cameron (CEO, LMA) and Data Council member Justin Emrich (CIO, Atrium) about the proposed changes to the MRC, and how your organisation can get involved.

Where to get support:
iMRC Consultation Queries
Website queries

​​​​What we'd like from you:

1. Get Prepared

  • Identify a single point of contact who will be collecting feedback on behalf of your organisation. Please provide their details by e-mailing by 29 July.
  • Collate feedback across your organisation, see below.
  • Submit your feedback between 29-July and 16 September.

2. Review the iMRC guidance and example iMRC

  • iMRC guidance - This document contains proposed updates to the MRC guidance. Please note the guidance is in a document form to support the consultation exercise, the eventual delivery will be in a digital Wiki format.
    Download: iMRC Guidance
  • iMRC dictionary - This is a summarised view of the mapping between the iMRC headings and CDR fields to aid your review.
    Download: iMRC Dictionary
  • ​​Change log - This document summarises the changes between the MRC and iMRC to aid your review.
    Download: Change Log
  • ​​​​​iMRC example - This is a blank iMRC that follows the revised guidance.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
    Download: iMRC Example
  • iMRC FAQ's - This document highlights iMRC questions and answers.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
    Download: iMRC FAQ's

Please provide your feedback to your organisation's single point of contact. If you are unsure who this is, please e-mail

3. Review Key consultation themes

Additional background to some of the questions in the “iMRC Feedback Form” can be found in this document. Feedback on these questions should be provided as part of your organisation’s response to the “iMRC Feedback Form” which can be found in section 4 below.
Download: Consultation Themes

4. Provide your feedback

Once you have consolidated feedback in your organisation, please submit your feedback using the iMRC feedback form and send it to

Please follow the steps provided in the 'Instructions' tab of the Feedback Form.
Download: iMRC Feedback Form

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