SDC Data

SDC Data

This page details the document types and features currently supported by SDC.

Supported document types

Documents can be submitted in MS Word, .pdf and .tif formats.

  • Market Reform Contracts (MRC)
  • Binding Authority Contracts
  • Coverholder Appointment Agreements
  • Line Slips
  • Master and Group Policies
  • MRC Exempt Contracts (in MRC format)
  • Endorsements (single section only, not for Brussels)
  • Declarations (not for Brussels)


  • All Classes of Business
  • Insurance and Reinsurance contracts
  • Single and multi-section capability
  • Vertical Placements (Panels)
  • Split Stamps
  • Aviation Addendum
  • Data extracted in ACORD GRLC (GPM) XML format & CSV
  • Submissions can be made via API, Portal, e-mail, PPL and ACORD Gateway
  • PPL Integration for Firm Order contracts
  • DA SATS Binder submissions
  • Brexit (Lloyd’s Europe Subsidiary) submissions
  • Management Information

SDC can extract up to 350 data items from a MRC, the average number being around 100 data items. Extraction is based on pre-defined rules and mappings to the ACORD GRLC standard.

Read the SDC Data and Extraction Mapping document.

Find out what documents you cannot submit to SDC for Lloyd's Europe.

Read the SDC service priorities page.

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