Gemini is a new digital platform and settlement service for claims experts appointed by Lloyd’s managing agents.

Gemini aggregates information on Claims Experts across the London Market. It manages the workflow between Carriers and Experts for registration, due diligence, appointment, invoice authorisation and payment of Expert invoices once approved. Gemini interfaces via an API with Market Writeback vendors to automate authorisation, settlement and payment of Expert invoices.

The delivery of Gemini will initially be for the Lloyd’s market only, but will shortly be delivered to both LIRMA and ILU Members subject to signing a Market agreement with LIMOSS.

We have created a video that outlines the service benefits and provides a glimpse of the platform. If you would like a full demonstration of Gemini, have any questions, or want to onboard now to start realising the benefits, please reach out to LIMOSS.

To access Gemini User guides for Carriers and Experts, further information on Gemini Best Practise and FAQ, please click here.

We have outlined the benefits Gemini offers to Lloyd’s carriers, experts, and brokers:

Benefits of Gemini


  • Supply chain, risk, and performance management
  • A searchable active and highly visible directory of the experts available to the market
  • A much-reduced cost of processing expert fees
  • Operational savings
  • Enhanced management information on expert usage, performance, and claims costs
  • A Carrier search facility for Experts by Location, Service and Class Of Business
  • Expert Management
    • A Carrier can create and manage their panel of Experts
    • Private area(s) for contract management
  • Ability for Carriers to capture the appointment of Experts
  • Reporting and analytics


  • Visibility to all registered Market participants
  • Self-service for Experts to complete and maintain their profile, expertise, territories covered, due diligence and supporting documentation
  • Private area for contract management
  • Ability for Expert appointments to be confirmed to them directly via one central system
  • Ability for Experts to upload all invoices relating to each claim (interim and final)
  • Fast and reliable settlement of fees
  • No charges to get paid
  • Status tracking of invoices
  • Invoice validation and routing to Carrier systems for approval
  • Payment of approved invoices to Experts
  • Reporting and analytics


  • Will be able to step out of the invoice process entirely


As part of the on-boarding process, there is a requirement for a LIMOSS MUA (market user agreement) to be signed by all Carriers and acceptance to the Terms of Use for all Experts requesting access to Gemini.

Find out the on-boarding steps and how you can get access to Gemini:


  1. Contact the LIMOSS service desk who will raise a service request form on your behalf
  2. Following the service request being raised approval will be sought by Advent from the LMA
  3. Once approval has been received LIMOSS will issue an MUA to you to sign
  4. When the signed document is received, your on-boarding can be completed


  1. Contact the LIMOSS service desk via who will raise a service request form on your behalf
  2. Following the service request being raised approval will be sought by Advent from your nominated Carrier
  3. Once approval has been received the on-boarding will be started and you will be issued with a user name and temporary password
  4. When you log into Gemini for the first time you will be directed to the Terms of Use page, which you will need to accept before being able to proceed
  5. You will then be asked to update your password before completing the on-boarding process


You can request individual user training for Carriers and Experts by contacting the LIMOSS service desk who will raise a request to Advent on your behalf.

LIMOSS are able to provide Gemini user guides for Carriers and Experts whilst Advent can provide additional self-help training  and demonstrations via web-based methods on pre agreed dates/times between 8am and 6pm GMT.



The LIMOSS service desk is the first point of contact for a Gemini user (Carrier or Expert) wanting to raise an application incident or service request relating to the Gemini service.

The LIMOSS service desk will be available from 8am to 6pm  GMT Monday – Friday, excluding UK Bank Holidays.

Supporting documentation

Gemini - Best Practice Version Date

Gemini - Best Practice

Gemini - User Guide - Carrier Version Date

Gemini - User Guide - Carrier

Gemini - User Guide - Expert Version Date

Gemini - User Guide - Expert

Gemini - FAQs Version Date

Gemini - FAQs

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