Global Events Observer (GEO) FAQ


FAQ Overview

Who do I contact if I have any other questions?

For all GEO related questions, contact or to discuss access to all events

For all other queries please contact LIMOSS: James.bobbitt@LIMOSS.London or David.Felton@LIMOSS.London

Who are MIS and what is GEO?

McKenzie Intelligence Services (MIS) provides immediate post event, multi-sourced data and the military grade intelligence that creates dynamic and three-dimensional loss information. Using its proprietary Saas, geospatial platform, the Global Events Observer (GEO), MIS systematically tracks and responds to catastrophes. GEO hosts a vastly broad dataset, including satellite and drone imagery, radar, mobile phone, ground, and sensor data. This raw data, it is vetted by trained and experienced former military intelligence analysts to ensure accuracy and then translated into something actionable, which means when clients receive the intelligence, they can rely upon it immediately rather than having to undertake additional work. MIS empower decision making in real time, vital in the immediate aftermath of a major event, whether from natural catastrophes or manmade conflicts, all involving multi- peril coverage.

If you don’t have access to GEO, then please email to request access.

Who’s the service for and what are the benefits?

GEO is available to all Managing Agents, Coverholders, and DCAs.  Through GEO, clients have realised the following benefits:

  • Faster more accurate reserving estimates
  • Better internal communication through the use of a single platform
  • Faster, more effective claims processes
  • Reduced loss adjusting costs
  • More accurate and efficient reporting

I’m a Coverholder / DCA / Broker in the Lloyd’s ecosystem. Am I eligible?

Coverholders and DCAs are eligible to receive access to GEO under this agreement if granted by their MA.  Brokers are not eligible to access GEO through this agreement but please contact if you are a broker who would like to discuss the benefits of having GEO.

I currently share my portfolio data with MIS, will this continue?

Yes, Managing Agents can share their portfolio data with MIS for an enhanced level of actionable intelligence and reporting through the Insights feature.  LIMOSS will be in contact with an MUA which includes confidentiality terms to cover the ongoing sharing of this data.

I don’t have access to GEO, how do I get it?

Please email who will be able to provide access to GEO.

What changes happened on the 1st Jan and what do I need to do?

If you already have access to GEO then you don’t need to do anything, there will be no changes to your access to GEO, your log in details, or the historical reports within it. From January 1st 2024 only CAT Coded events will be available to Lloyd’s Market Members.

Will MIS continue to respond to all events?

Yes, MIS will continue to respond to all CAT Coded and non-CAT Coded events, although only CAT Coded events will be visible to Lloyd’s Market Members

Can I get access to non-CAT Coded events?

Yes, please email to discuss getting access to non-CAT Coded events under a separate, direct contract with MIS.

Will I receive communication from LIMOSS on what this means for me?

Yes, LIMOSS will be contacting all Managing Agents with your MUA for signature and communications will be provided to all relevant groups through LIMOSS or the LMA.

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