Master Reference Data Management

Master Reference Data Management

Master Reference Data Management is a core function of LIMOSS Data and we are constantly developing and designing new Reference Datasets.

We aim to provide an accurate and up-to-date source of information around participants and lists of codes commonly used in the market.

This page details our activities.

Sourcing and cleansing externally owned reference datasets

We use best practices to identify suitable data sources from various industry and governmental bodies. We often digitise and cleanse this dataset for Market consumption.

Creating LIMOSS owned reference dataset

Where a suitable source cannot be identified, LIMOSS Data takes ownership of designing and developing the required dataset.

Designing governance processes for data consistency and accuracy

Once created, the dataset will form part of a workflow to ensure that the correct cleansing process are followed and that the data is accurate and always up to date and relevant. We deploy a number of governance processes to ensure that the Market has valuable reference data.

Publishing of Reference Dataset

All reference datasets are published within the Market Business Glossary and updates to the datasets are communicated with Market Users.

Development of APIs

We have developed key API's and we manage the functionally for machine to machine consumption of reference dataset via APIs. This includes the creation of technical documentation for Market participants to integrate to their internal systems and applications.

We are releasing new APIs all the time, you can contact us for an up to date list and guidance on how to deploy to your own solution.


If you have a query about LIMOSS Data contact us.

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