DDM Registration

DDM Registration

Section 1

Details of the person who entered this data

Please enter the details of the person completing this form on behalf of the organisation

Section 2

Details of the organisation registering for DDM

Please provide details of the organisation you are registering for LIMOSS SSO and DDM

Section 3

LIMOSS SSO Authorised Contact

Please nominate a LIMOSS SSO ‘Authorised Contact’ for your organisation. This person will work with us to on-board your company and named users into LIMOSS Single Sign-On (SSO). They will be the first person on-boarded and can then provide us with details of other users who require a LIMOSS SSO account. All requests to add or remove users of LIMOSS SSO must be approved by an Authorised Contact. Additional Authorised Contacts can be nominated later in the on-boarding process.

Section 4

Company Admin for DDM

Please nominate a ‘Company Admin for DDM’ for your organisation. The Company Admin user for DDM must be a LIMOSS SSO User. This person will be the first person on-boarded onto DDM and will be responsible for adding and deactivating users within the application.

Section 5

Authorised signatory for legal agreements

Please nominate an ‘Authorised Signatory’ for your organisation. There are a number of legal agreements that must be signed and returned to the LIMOSS Service Desk before your organisation can complete DDM on-boarding. We will liaise with this person to ensure all necessary legal documents are received, signed and returned.

By submitting this data, you are consenting that the data is used solely for the purposes of on-boarding your company and users onto DDM. Should you wish to withdraw your consent for us to use this data, please email confirming that your consent is withdrawn to