LIMOSS Single Sign On (SSO) is an Identity and Access Management tool providing authentication services for the London Market. It allows end-users to access multiple different solutions with a single username and password. In most cases, LIMOSS SSO works with the same username and password that a user is assigned to access their own organisation’s IT services.


Market Firm

  • Reduces service desk workload as each user only needs one account
  • Improves security whilst allowing organisations to keep control of accounts
  • Simplifies Joiner, Leaver and Mover process

End User

  • Enables easy access for LIMOSS SSO services Eg. DDM, Lloyd’s Insights, LIMOSS SDE and LIMOSS Service Desk Portal
  • Decreases the number of usernames and passwords that need to be remembered
  • Removes the need to repeatedly log in to different services


  • LIMOSS SSO is free for Brokers, Coverholders, TPAs and Vendors
    All Carriers are charged under the LIMOSS ‘User Pays’ model

Learn More

User Guides

Information for Managers

Developer Resources

  • LIMOSS SSO Technical Overview explains the basics of LIMOSS SSO
  • LIMOSS SSO is available to market vendors as a cost-effective authentication service for any app that benefits the London Market. If you would like to discuss using LIMOSS SSO for your solution, please contact us
  • A prerequisite of the LIMOSS API Gateway is that the calling application and service account are registered in LIMOSS SSO. End user accounts may also need to be registered
  • The LIMOSS SSO Onboarding Technical Checklist makes technical on-boarding easy


  • Any organisation involved in the London Market can ask to use LIMOSS SSO - including brokers, carriers, managing agents, coverholders, TPAs and IT vendors
  • Detailed guidance is provided in the Business OnBoarding Guide and Technical OnBoarding Guide
  • Firms must nominate one person to sign commercial Agreements and at least one “Authorised Contact”. This is a devolved administrator trusted by the organisation to approve Service Requests relating to LIMOSS SSO
  • Registration is via a simple on-line form for Organisations and individual users
  • Assistance is available throughout on-boarding from the LIMOSS Service Desk



Please note

LIMOSS is not responsible for external links. All documentation is being reviewed to ensure consistency with other LIMOSS products and is subject to change. Commercial agreements refer to LIMOSS SSO – along with LIMOSS SDE and LIMOSS API Gateway – under the term “Common Services”.