SDC and Lloyd’s Europe

SDC and Lloyd’s Europe

SDC is a business condition of the Lloyd’s Europe Subsidiary. If you submit an MRC containing EEA lines (including multi-section) to SDC the service will automatically submit the relevant sections of an MRC to Lloyd’s Europe.

LIMOSS offer a “Lloyd’s Europe Only” option to use SDC only for EEA risks, but the carrier will not receive the GPM to be ingested into their existing policy administration systems.

All placements that need to be written through Lloyd’s Europe must be submitted to SDC for data extraction and onward submission to Lloyd’s Europe.


The following placements must be submitted to SDC for Lloyd’s Europe:

  • Open Market MRC’s
  • Binding Authorities (Twin Binder – LMA 3113AT)
  • Coverholder Appointment Agreement (CAA – LBS0001)
  • Master and Group Policy MRC’s
  • Line slip MRC’s

Documents you cannot submit to SDC for Lloyd's Europe

  • Endorsements - Lloyd's Europe do not require endorsements to be submitted via SDC. Lloyd's Europe will get any drivers/advice from the USM under the current process
  • Declarations - Lloyd's Europe do not require declarations to be submitted via SDC. Declarations and risks against binders and line slips (bulking and non-bulking) need to be processed via the bureau as they are today. The placement of these declarations/risks can continue via existing routes
  • Consortium Agreements - Lloyd's Europe do not require Consortium Agreements to be submitted via SDC. Consortium Agreements should be loaded onto SecureStore where LB Ops will then create PAS records. It is only the lead that should be uploading the fully participated Consortium Agreement to Securestore”
  • Consortium Stamps – Placements with Consortium stamps must not be processed through SDC. Consortium processing is driven by receipt of the USMs/SCMs for the open market policy which are attached to the consortium “master” policy in the Brussels PAS

Lloyd’s Europe Rejections

On behalf of Lloyd’s Europe, SDC have introduced validation on the following data items:

  • UMR
  • Inception Date
  • Premium / EPI
  • Limits
  • Underwriter References and Risk Allocation Codes
  • Brokerage

Where these data items cannot be captured from a document, the submission will still be processed but ‘LB Rejected’ for one or more of the reasons above. In the event of a LB Rejection, the carrier needs to log into the SDC Portal and add the missing data.

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