Process, Roles & Responsibilities (PRR) Final Recommendations

About PRR


The Process, Roles and Responsibilities Working Group (PRR WG) was created to establish who will do what (and at what stage) during the target-state digital placement process. It was created to give more clarity to those involved in the process, as well as to give guidance to solution providers on what to build and cater for.

The PRR WG was tasked with reviewing (where necessary), sourcing a definition, then agreeing and recommending:

  • Processes for creation, examination, acceptance and finalisation of data required to satisfy the Core Data Record (CDR) specifications, including correction loops.
  • Who is responsible for the creation, examination and acceptance of each CDR data item.

Timeline of events:

Following the near completion of the CDR, the LMG’s Data Council put together some recommendations for what the new processes, roles and responsibilities could look like within the target-state data/digital journey.

The LMG Data Council then ran a consultation process to sense check the recommendations against the business outcomes required by the market, and to understand if the processes will address previously identified pain points and opportunities for increased operating effectiveness and efficiency.

Having considered the feedback provided in the Market Consultation, the LMG Data Council have published their Process, Roles & Responsibilities Final Recommendations.

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