Users of LIMOSS SSO can access support via LIMOSS Service Desk or by self-service support.

LIMOSS Service Desk 

For support with any LIMOSS SSO, LIMOSS SDE or LIMOSS API Gateway query: 

LIMOSS Service Desk is open 8am-6pm Mon-Fri excluding English Bank Holidays. Please allow 3-5 working days for a response.

Self-service Support 

Self-service support is available 24/7.


  • Organisation Registration: For new organisations wishing to register for LIMOSS SSO.
  • User Registration: For users in organisations already signed up for LIMOSS SSO who need an individual user account. 

Test your account

LIMOSS SSO Welcome Page: If you see the “Welcome to LIMOSS SSO” message, your LIMOSS SSO account is working correctly.

Reporting a problem or requesting a change 

Existing LIMOSS SSO Users 

Only existing LIMOSS SSO Users may access the LIMOSS Service Desk Portal to:

  • Report an Incident/Defect in LIMOSS SSO/LIMOSS SDE or LIMOSS API Gateway
  • Ask anything else about LIMOSS SSO/LIMOSS SDE or LIMOSS API Gateway

Service is available 24/7; requests actioned during working hours only.

If you are not an existing LIMOSS SSO User please contact our LIMOSS Service Desk.

Additional information can be found depending on what role best describes you?

  • Authorised Contact
  • Developer

Authorised Contacts


As an Authorised Contact, you can use the LIMOSS SSO Devolved Admin Portal (DAP) to manage your organisation’s user accounts and LIMOSS SSO settings in real-time. DAP is available in each of the three LIMOSS SSO Environments. See DAP User Guide for further details.

 For support using DAP, please contact LIMOSS Service Desk.



To Register an APP to use LIMOSS SSO Authentication, please navigate to LIMOSS API Gateway within the LIMOSS Service Desk Portal and select Subscribe to an API where you can then request this.


If you wish to Subscribe to an API or Publish an API, please go to the LIMOSS Service Desk Portal and navigate to LIMOSS API Gateway and select the relevant request, ensuring you have all the relevant information before starting.

Check an SSO account

Check if a LIMOSS SSO account is working by visiting the LIMOSS SSO Welcome Page for the relevant environment. If you see the “Welcome to LIMOSS SSO” message, the LIMOSS SSO account is working correctly in that environment. 

Service Status

Service Status messages are shared with all Authorised Contacts and displayed on the following webpages:

API Health Checks

Access the API Portal in each environment to see real-time health checks for all published APIs. A LIMOSS SSO account in the relevant environment is required to access these portals:

API Gateway Developer Guides

The following guides are available to support API Developers. If a direct link does not exist to the document, please request it via the LIMOSS Service Desk.

LIMOSS SSO Developer Guides

The following guides are available to support API Developers. If a direct link does not exist to the document, please request it via the LIMOSS Service Desk.

App Portal

View and access Apps available via LIMOSS SSO. A LIMOSS SSO account in the relevant environment is required to access these portals: 


Please note 

LIMOSS is not responsible for external links. All documentation is being reviewed to ensure consistency with other LIMOSS products and is subject to change. Commercial agreements refer to LIMOSS SSO – along with LIMOSS SDE and LIMOSS API Gateway – under the term “Common Services”. 

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