LIMOSS API Gateway is an optional product for organisations using LIMOSS SSO. The Gateway  provides an easy and secure method for integrating market services and 3rd party applications with a market firm’s own IT systems. It uses Application Programme Interfaces (APIs) - a technology layer trusted across the IT industry – to allow firms to quickly and efficiently adopt new solutions. 

Benefits to using LIMOSS API Gateway

Market firms  

  • Allows in-house systems and shared Market Services to interact without expensive and time-consuming integration 
  • Better use of company resource to add value for clients 

End users 

  • Less re-keying required 
  • Seamless user experience between in-house and external systems 


  • LIMOSS API Gateway is free to Brokers, Coverholders, TPAs and Vendors  
  • All Carriers are charged under the LIMOSS ‘User Pays’ model 
  • 3rd party API providers may charge for services offered via the LIMOSS API Gateway 

Learn More 

User Guides for LIMOSS API Gateway users 

  • No end user guides are provided as end users will benefit from API integration seamlessly
  • No additional training or user guides are required 

Information for managers 

LIMOSS API Gateway is an optional add-on service for any organisation using LIMOSS SSO. This includes Brokers, Carriers, Coverholders, IT vendors and other organisations within the London Market.   

  • The Gateway will be of most interest to an organisation’s IT team or IT vendors, who can use it to deliver data integration solutions for end users  
  • Additional commercial agreements may apply to anyone publishing or subscribing to an API via the LIMOSS API Gateway 
  • LIMOSS is not responsible for 3rd party APIs 

Developer resources 

Developers can both publish their own APIs via the LIMOSS API Gateway and subscribe to existing APIs published by LIMOSS or 3rd parties  

Useful guidance can be found in:

  • the API Gateway Developers’ Guide [link]
  • List of available APIs [Link]
  • LIMOSS API Gateway - Developers-On-Boarding-Guide [link]
  • LIMOSS API Gateway video – 3-minute overview [link] 

LIMOSS Service Desk  can assist with the needs of individual firms.

Resource for the Lloyd’s e-placing API is available on the Lloyd’s API Development Portal and details about PPL can be found on the PPL homepage  


  • Organisations that have not registered for LIMOSS SSO, can register online  
  • Organisations already using LIMOSS SSO can
    • subscribe to APIs [Hornbill Subscribe to API link]
    • publish an API [Hornbill Publish API link] 

API integration must be completed in the SANDBOX and PRE-PROD environments before being approved for PROD (Live) use.  


For further support, please visit the LIMOSS SSO Contact Page

Please note 

LIMOSS is not responsible for external links. All documentation is being reviewed to ensure consistency with other LIMOSS products and is subject to change. Commercial agreements refer to LIMOSS SSO - along with LIMOSS SDE and LIMOSS API Gateway – under the term “Common Services”. 

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