Releases and roadmap - DDM

Releases and roadmap - DDM

Release 3.3

Release 3.3 has been delivered on 22 June 2020 with many changes.

Read how release 3.3 will affect the DDM solution.

Enhanced reporting

The list below details new reports in the pipeline for DDM which are currently in for testing and/or design.

  • Improved submission monitoring report
  • Breach monitoring reports
  • Aged debt report
  • ELTO extract
  • Claims SLA reporting


In 2019 a Working Group under LM TOM that included some market participants and software vendors started the design of a set of API standards known as the Facilities Insurance Risk, Premium and Claims (RPAC) Reporting.

During 2020 we are working on making the APIs operational as an additional submission option for Coverholders and TPAs and a way of allowing data to feed to and from other bordereaux management systems used in the market.  This is a key part of the roadmap for DDM and is a pre-requisite for Lloyd’s mandate of capturing all DA data in DDM.

Further information will be shared when the design of changes needed to DDM, design of processes and controls and phasing of the API implementation is clearer.