LIMOSS Secure Data Exchange (SDE)


LIMOSS SDE (Secure Data Exchange) is a free, optional product available to organisations using LIMOSS SSO. It allows simple, secure exchanging of data across the London Market. Users can easily and quickly share data files thanks to its intuitive user interface. SDE is also available to use as an API via the LIMOSS API Gateway. 

Benefits to using LIMOSS SDE

Market firms  

  • Improves security by allowing secure data sharing with users in accredited market organisations only 
  • Removes the need to manage data repository as all data is securely encrypted and automatically deleted after a maximum of two weeks 
  • Allows auditing of all file sharing transactions (uploads and downloads) 
  • Can be integrated with existing IT systems via APIs 

End users 

  • Easier to send files up to 1 GB of data in any file format to multiple participants in other market organisations
  • Eliminates need for complex, out-dated file sharing solutions e.g. sFTP 


  • LIMOSS SDE is free to all organisations registered in LIMOSS SSO

Learn More 

User guides for LIMOSS SDE users

Information for managers  

  • The SDE Adoption Guide helps organisations decide whether SDE is right for their organisation. This includes advice on how to use the SDE ‘BreakGlass’ function which allows an audit of all downloads and uploads for every user in an organisation.  
  • Organisations can choose to make LIMOSS SDE available to all their LIMOSS SSO users – or restrict it to Authorised Contacts only 
  • There is no additional charge to use SDE and no additional commercial agreements to sign 

Developer Resources 

  • SDE is available as a series of API endpoints via the LIMOSS API Gateway, allowing developers to integrate SDE into existing IT solutions at no additional charge  
  • Further advice for developers is available in the Subscribe to an API
  • Subscribe now to the SDE APIs in SANDBOX (Requires PROD LIMOSS SSO account) 


  • Organisations that have not registered for LIMOSS SSO, can register online now  
  • Organisations already using LIMOSS SSO can choose to add or remove SDE by contacting the LIMOSS Service Desk
  • Requests to add or remove SDE must be approved by an Authorised Contact
  • If an organisation chooses not to provide SDE to all LIMOSS SSO users, all Authorised Contacts will still be able to access SDE 



Please note 

LIMOSS is not responsible for external links. All documentation is being reviewed to ensure consistency with other LIMOSS products and is subject to change. Commercial agreements refer to LIMOSS SSO – along with LIMOSS SDE and LIMOSS API Gateway – under the term “Common Services”. 

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