Market Geospatial Service (MGS)

Market Geospatial Service (MGS)

Introduction & Background

MGS services combine aerial and satellite imagery with exposure data and analysis. Such services can inform payment of claims where a total loss has been concluded from available imagery, and are often used to augment exposure management assessments following a major event.

Currently, LIMOSS provides ‘MIS GEO’ as a core market service. In 2023 it was agreed that LIMOSS would provide MIS GEO as a core service for 2024 only. As part of this agreement, the LMA CC asked LIMOSS to investigate a new MGS panel that could provide the Market with a choice of geospatial services from 01 Jan 25 when the current core MIS GEO contract ends. The LMA CC decision followed on from, and reflected the majority view of, preceding market consultation.


All in-scope MAs pay towards the 2024 cost of MIS GEO and are eligible to use the service.* The LMA CC has decided that MIS GEO will not be a core service in 2025. Without the proposed MGS panel below, this would create a risk for current MAs using MIS GEO of no centrally provided geospatial service after 31 Dec 24. For 2025 onwards, MAs will now have the choice to contract directly with any MGS provider or use the new LIMOSS MGS panel. The LMA CC believes there is value in the elective MGS offering, provided by LIMOSS. The LIMOSS wrapper will provide a centralised level of commercial, technical, service, change, financial and risk management for all market users – similar to the existing LIMOSS value proposition for core market services.

*46 MAs and 26 DCAs have active accounts on MIS GEO. Those MAs who do not directly use the service may still benefit as Follows, where the Lead uses MIS GEO.


The new elective MGS panel aims to offer multiple geospatial services from different vendors under one, over-arching Market User Agreement (MUA). An MA can choose to use some, all, or none of the services on the panel – paying only for the services they choose. The full panel proposal has been reviewed by the LMA MGS Steering and Working Groups, and is available on request. A summary of the key points is listed below:

  1. Initial panel will have up to [3] members – all of whom already provide MGS services to the London Market. From 2025 onwards, more vendors can be added subject to market approval.
  2. Services on the panel can compete with, or compliment, existing panel services.
  3. The panel will be offered to LMA members, IUA members and potentially non-IUA company market. Specific consideration will be given to dual-platform companies.
  4. Each vendor’s charging approach will be transparent to the market but exact charges per MA will be confidential.
  5. LIMOSS will collect MA’s charges via STFO using the standard LIMOSS Market Service Funding Model.
  6. A proportionate LIMOSS service wrapper will be provided for each panel service, similar to the current MIS GEO wrapper, but there will be limited assurance compared with a LIMOSS core market service.
  7. Initial focus is on claims and exposure managers as they are the current largest user group of MIS GEO but a key goal of the panel is to share the benefits of MGS with other business teams (E.g. Underwriters)

Panel Members

Both GIC and MIS have confirmed their desire to join the MGS panel. LIMOSS is also attempting to engage with a 3rd potential panel member.

Current GIC users

Subject to commercial discussions, current GIC users will have the option of continuing under a direct GIC contract or through the MGS Panel. New users will also be able to access GIC through the panel.

Current MIS GEO users

Subject to commercial discussions, current MAs using MIS GEO under the core LIMOSS contract will have the option of continuing use through the MGS Panel or by contracting directly with MIS. New users will also be able to access MIS GEO through the panel.

Next Steps

LIMOSS are working to establish detailed agreements with the panel members (GIC and MIS), as well as exploring involvement of the 3rd panel member. If LIMOSS believe that GIC or MIS GEO are unlikely to be available as panel members in 2025, this will be communicated to MAs in early H2 2024 so that affected MAs can make alternative arrangements.

As part of the vendor engagement process, market demonstrations will be offered for both the GIC and MIS services. LIMOSS will write again to all MAs shortly to provide further details of both services, relevant terms, and pricing.

Getting involved

MAs wishing to register their interest in using the panel – or to learn more about how the panel will work – are encouraged to email