Market User Group

Market user group (MUG)

What is the MUG?

The Market User Group (MUG) is a regular meeting where operational level attendees from MAs, Brokers and DCAs are encouraged to share best practice, prioritise change requests and raise issues for the strategic Claims Steering Group. The main MUG session takes place every 6 weeks with an informal ‘Q & A’ session held half-way between each MUG meeting. Attendance at any MUG session is optional.

The MUG is only open to market firms that are actively using FCP, or in the process of adopting it. The full Terms of Reference for the MUG are available to invited organisations.

Who can join the MUG?

Organisations in the following groups can ask to be invited to the MUG:

  • Any MA that has signed the MUA or considering signing the MUA
  • Any Lloyd’s approved DCA
  • Any Lloyd’s registered Broker

Definitions of these categories can be found in the relevant MA, DCA, or Broker sections of this site. You can also check your eligibility by emailing servicedesk@LIMOSS.London.

Attendees are welcome from the following areas:

  • Placing teams: Ensuring the clauses and details are correct on the binder wordings and ensuring whether read access to the Vitesse platform is required
  • Placing technicians: Responsible for ensuring DCOM is correct and up to date – including how to get MI reporting out of DCOM for FCP binders
  • Finance teams: Responsible for ensuring the bordereaux are showing as non-cash on relevant ledgers
  • Operations: Responsible for overall performance and business oversight of end-to-end processes
  • Claims: Processing of individual claims and managing claims processes
  • IT: Ensuring integration between their organisation’s IT services and FCP portal
  • Change teams: Ensuring successful delivery of new processes and ways of working

How do I request a MUG invite?

If your organisation falls into one of the groups listed above you can request an invite to the MUG.

To keep the MUG at a manageable size, it may not be possible for all organisations to join immediately.

What if I can’t make the meetings but still want to keep up with the MUG?

If you would prefer to just receive the minutes and other products from the MUG sessions, please request to be added to the ‘FCP MUG Mailing List’.

All Information will be used in accordance with the LIMOSS Privacy Notice.

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