Process, Roles & Responsibilities (PRR) Final Recommendations

PRR Final Recommendations


Thank you to everyone that shared their input in the London Market Group (LMG) Data Council’s Process, Roles and Responsibilities (PRR) consultation earlier this year. Having considered the feedback provided, the PRR Final Recommendations are now available.

Below you can access the PRR Final Recommendations and the one pager Market Journey.

What are the PRR Final Recommendations?

A key deliverable that sets out the final recommendations for a fully digital open market placement process, and the allocation of roles and responsibilities for the creation, approval and submission of data into the Core Data Record (CDR) and the processing of that data. The focus is on who performs specific tasks, when these tasks occur, and how they could be performed.

Please note, some of the implementation detail requested in the consultation will be available within additional resources provided through the broader Blueprint Two program. This includes the ACORD GRLC Contract, Risk and Pre-Accounting (CRP) Toolkit which provides practical guidance to help align with the PRR recommendations and facilitate successful implementation.

Post-publication webinar

Following the publishing of the PRR Final Recommendations and ACORD GRLC CRP Toolkit, an interactive follow-up session, which gave an overview of the key documents as well as provide an opportunity to ask questions, took place. A recording of the session as well as the slides presented can be found below:

Please see here for the slides presented in the webinar. The appendix includes responses to any questions that couldn’t be answered during the session.

More information on what PRR is can be found here, and the PRR consultation and findings here.