PRR Consultation and Findings

PRR Consultation and Findings

What was the PRR Consultation?

Following the near completion of the Core Data Record (CDR), the London Market Group’s (LMG) Data Council put together some suggested recommendations for what the new processes, roles and responsibilities could look like within the target-state data/digital journey. These recommendations were put together based on input from market associations, brokers, carriers and service vendors.

Earlier this year, the LMG Data Council ran a consultation process to sense check the recommendations against the business outcomes required by the market, as well as understand if the processes will address previously identified pain points and opportunities for increased operating effectiveness and efficiency. Please note this is related to the target-state processes in place at the end of the transformation.

Thank you to everyone that shared their input in the Process, Roles and Responsibilities consultation earlier this year.

What did your feedback tell us?
The outcomes of the consultation can be viewed below.

Please note that this is an overview of the market feedback, and not the LMG Data Council’s recommendations to support the market in the implementation of Blueprint Two’s digital solutions.


Consultation materials

Please read the introductory pack first before familiarising yourself with the consultation questions and the supporting material below.

Consultation materials

  • Introductory Packclick here 
    The “need to know” for the consultation, including key dates, scope and other useful information.
  • Placement Themes Interactive Packclick here
    This pack outlines the recommendations for the process, roles and responsibilities required for the assembly and submission of the CDR and handling responses from the Digital Gateway.
  • CDR Assembly Tableclick here
    This is based on the latest version of the CDR (v3.1.1) and outlines the creator, approver and point of availability for each CDR field.

Supporting materials

  • Question Summary Sheetclick here
    This gives you a summary of the questions included in the consultation. As multiple teams will be involved in responding to the question set, this is a useful resource for collating responses ahead of submitting the final form.
  • Frequently Asked Questionsclick here
  • PRR Glossaryclick here

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