Roles and Responsibilities


LIMOSS has set up appropriate governance to ensure the FCP service meets the requirements of all stakeholders, including: 

  • Contract review and signing - Market User Agreement (MUA)
  • Subscription charge collection via STFO (twice yearly in Jan and July)
  • Transactional charge collection via STFO (monthly in arrears, based on usage of the service)
  • Service oversight (performance against SLAs, monthly operational reviews)
  • Service governance (monthly Steerco, CAB, delivery of change, release management including market user testing)
  • Supplier assurance (service risk tracking, audit report review, service escalation)
  • Hosting online FCP training materials including an end-to-end process guide

Vitesse Role

  • Payment and liquidity management services (provided via the Vitesse platform)
  • Vitesse system training
  • Process walkthroughs and Q&As
  • Connectivity setup (API, batch or single payment)
  • FCP funding and payment account setup and maintenance
  • All payment services
  • User permissions and account access
  • Customer support for all FCP users
  • Reporting services

Lloyd's Role

  • Continuing market engagement and readiness (FCP introductions, virtual drop-in sessions, attending events and market forums etc.)
  • Process support by subject matter experts for on-boarding and FCP Live users
  • Providing reference Material on, including:

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