Delegated Data Manager DDM

Delegated Data Manager DDM

Please note Delegated Data Manager (DDM) was formerly known as 'DA SATS'.

A decision has been made by the market to formally remove DDM as a core Market Service.

  • Further details on the DDM Exit can been reviewed here

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DDM the Submission, Access and Transformation Solution is a central bordereaux management solution for the London Market reshaping the way data is handled.

The purpose of the service is to make business simpler by providing a single set of market approved delegated data and reducing the need to duplicate data entry.

DDM can help all parties report their Delegated Authority business effectively. With DDM it can provide the market with standardised risk, premium and claims data for Delegated Authority arrangements.

This is consistent, validated and available to all relevant parties on the contract for oversight, analysis and reporting.

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The purpose of DDM

  • To establish centralised data for market participants
  • To eliminate duplication and reduce work effort
  • To standardise data
  • To provide complete information for more informed decision making
  • To provide analytics and MI


DDM went live for Lloyd’s Delegated Authority business in 2018 and was mandated for use for Lloyd’s Europe business incepting from the 2019 year of account. This was further expanded to include Lloyd’s Europe Bulking Lineslip business placed in the Lloyd’s market from the 2021 year of account. DDM  was available to Lloyd’s insurers with company market business from May 2020.

DDM is powered by Tide, an application developed by Charles Taylor InsureTech.

DDM will transform the various bordereaux formats received to the agreed  Coverholder Reporting Standards.

You can find more information on the required standards and check you have access on the Market Business Glossary (MBG).

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