How do I get started

How do I get started or find out more about FCP?

Managing Agents:  

  • Check the list of MAs below to see if your organisation has already signed the MUA and is in the process of onboarding onto the platform
  • If your organisation is not listed below and you would like to learn more about FCP, please contact the FCP Support team
  • If you have any queries about the MUA or master service contract, please contact LIMOSS
  • Once you’ve signed the MUA, include the LMA published endorsement in all relevant DA binders and ensure the FCP flag is set on DCOM
  • Contact the FCP Support team to setup a binder on FCP

DCAs and Brokers:

  • To learn more about FCP please contact the FCP Support team
  • If your organisation has already confirmed they are “FCP Ready” check that the MAs you work with are also “FCP Ready” in the list below
  • Discuss FCP with all stakeholders on relevant DA binders, ensuring that the LMA published endorsement is included and the FCP flag is set on DCOM
  • Check that the lead MA has setup the binder on FCP

Get in touch with the primary FCP contact in a specific MA, DCA or Broker

If you wish to discuss any issues or queries with the primary FCP contact in one of the companies listed below, please contact LIMOSS Service Desk stating the name of the company – or companies – that you wish to speak with. Your request will be passed through to the relevant person in each company. 

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