Proportional Treaty

Proportional Treaty

Completing the Post-bind Submission Project

The Post-bind Submission (PbS) project was formerly part of the Central Services Programme (CSRP) within the LM TOM Programme.

CSRP’s objective was to re-engineer the central services operated on behalf of the Market by Xchanging Insurance Services. The first stage of this was to modernise the broker to bureau submission channels by introducing ACORD messaging.

New screens and dialogue messages have now been added so brokers and carriers have new digital methods of achieving bureau processing. Proportional Treaty is the last major implementation under the PbS umbrella.

With the closure of the LM TOM Programme, the roles of the two remaining PbS projects ACORD 2016.10 Standards Upgrade and Proportional Treaty were transferred to LIMOSS to support the Market.

LIMOSS roles

  • Support of Market Sponsors
  • Programme Management
  • Subject Matter Expert provision
  • Administration of Steering Groups
  • Administration of Customer Subject Matter Expert Groups
  • Market Acceptance Testing & Quality Assurance
  • Contract and Budget Oversight
  • QA of Market Communications and Training Material

Proportional Treaty Project status

After a series of delays, the project Build phase is nearing completion but unfortunately, the higher priority FERN Programme will be utilising environments, effectively stalling the Treaty project until those environments become available again, expected in November 2021.

The LMA and IUA are working with XIS/DXC to develop a Business Change Programme, which will update existing Market Communications material, to commence advertising the planned delivery date and a series of educational seminars and videos to prepare brokers and carriers for the business process changes that will occur with the implementation.

This material is expected to become available during 2021.

The Treaty Project scope

Read the Treaty Project scope for more information on how business processing will change.

A key difference to highlight is that the Market Steering Group have now agreed that all broker submissions, i.e. including Treaty A&S submissions, will route into the new Treaty process within XIS.

This will result in carrier agreement to all Treaty statements being actioned via the new Treaty application and all query management achieved digitally, delivering process transparency.


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