The London & International Insurance Brokers’ Association (LIIBA) represents the interests of Lloyd’s insurance and reinsurance brokers operating in the London and international markets. LIIBA’s mission is to ensure that London remains the location where the world wants to do business by improving the London Market’s competitive position.

LIIBA’s key priorities are:

  • To represent members’ interests to government, the FCA, the EU and international bodies to establish a proportionate regulatory framework;
  • To modernise the London Market’s business processes to be competitive and efficient, delivering improved client service; and
  • To support its members with regard to legislative and technical changes.

LIIBA has chosen not to take membership of LIMOSS because most of LIMOSS’s work relates to Market Services used by carriers. LIIBA’s primary Market Services focus is PPL where LIIBA is well represented. However, LIIBA is interested in the success of LIMOSS and the Market Services it oversees because those services aim to improve the service carriers provide, therefore LIIBA is able to appoint observers to the LIMOSS board and is informed about all LIMOSS activity.

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