The International Underwriting Association (IUA) represents non-Lloyd’s international and wholesale insurance and reinsurance companies operating in the London Market.

The IUA promotes and enhances the business environment for international insurance and reinsurance companies operating in or through London.

The IUA’s key priorities are:

  • Process efficiency and business attraction to London 
    The IUA promotes the design and implementation of all aspects of market modernisation, including process reforms and electronic interfaces across the market.
  • Promoting expertise and innovation in underwriting and claims 
    A full secretariat service supports the underwriting and claims committees which provide valuable technical input and ideas for best practice. 
  • Influencing public policy and compliance 
    The IUA monitors and responds to regulatory developments. Any consequent compliance activities are linked to the IUA’s overall public policy work.

The IUA has one third membership of LIMOSS and appoints two of its eight directors. Almost all IUA members use at least some of the Market Services which LIMOSS manages, and many are dual platform firms with both a company and Lloyd’s platform through which to write business. As with the LMA, the relationship between the IUA and LIMOSS is key.

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