eSP is an electronic Submission Portal available to small to medium-sized brokers and service companies, who want to adopt the Post-bind Submission (PbS) process in place of A&S and eAccounts; with minimal disruption and change.

eSP creates ACORD standard messages and processes for the submission of accounting and claims movement data. eSP is a stand-alone solution so all data needs to be added using direct entry or by uploading a spreadsheet to automatically transfer data.

The London Market Associations and Lloyd’s sponsored the development of the eSP, there is no additional charge for use of the Portal.

How eSP can meet your needs

  • The Portal generates ACORD messages to XIS, conforming to the required validations and data standards
  • All message responses and any corrective actions are handled from within the Portal
  • The user interface supports both single item data entry and bulk entry via auto-population from a spreadsheet
  • Responses to brokers from the bureau system are displayed on the Portal, including submission statuses, offering clear visibility of progress
  • User admin functions are operated by a nominated user so there is a single point of control e.g. a trainee’s work cannot be released until a supervisor triggers submission
  • The Portal will store risk details after a UMR is used to allow data to be re-used
  • Dropdowns control the ACORD data items being input; the code sets and data completion instructions are available to help spreadsheet creation and autoloading from broker systems
  • The Portal provides an opportunity to test out EBOT/ ECOT processing and the supporting business processes before initiating a software house or internal build
  • The Portal includes the ability to drag and drop documents required to support the submission

Getting onboard

To onboard and use eSP to enable the submission of ACORD messages to Xchanging’s PbS service you will need to sign a Market User Agreement (MUA)with Web Connectivity Ltd to use the eSP software, this can be facilitated by contacting the LIMOSS Service Desk.

In order to submit to Xchanging Services, Xchanging Services also require engagement to effect registration for the PbS Service. Contact your service manager for details.

eSP Training video guides (Vimeo links)*

*Please note some of our training material may not comply with our current LIMOSS branding and is subject to change.


For eSP enquiries or to book a demo contact the LIMOSS Service Desk.

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